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The range and performance of electric cars is improving, and the demand for EV (electric vehicle) charging points is increasing along with the popularity of greener vehicles. Not only are electric vehicles free of harmful emissions, they also cost far less to run than vehicles that rely on expensive fossil fuels.

If you own or lease a full electric car or plug-in hybrid you will want to mainly charge it at home, or while you are at work, so you’re ready to roll when you need to get on the road.

For the fastest, most convenient charge you need a dedicated EV charge point installed in your garage, driveway or in a suitable spot on your business premises.

NBG Digital Home will do a fuss-free job of supplying and installing the most appropriate wall mounted or free-standing EV charge point compatible with your vehicle and your premises. We are specialist EV charger installers based in Frome (BA11), working across Somerset and Wiltshire, including in and around the cities of Bath and Bristol.

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EV Car Charging Somerset

If you’ve joined the drive to cleaner motoring, well done. Now you will need to swop your old habit of filling up a tank with diesel or petrol and instead get used to plugging your car into a charging point to keep the battery topped up.

Your electric vehicle will come with an electric lead and a standard 3-pin plug, and you can actually plug it into any available electrical socket. You’ll probably find this inadequate, however, because this will give you an extremely slow trickle charge. It could take you around 35 hours to fully charge the car this way – depending on the make, model and battery capacity.

Using a three-pin plug will also be putting a long-term high demand on your mains electricity supply, and if the circuits are old they may crack under the pressure. There’s also the problem of having an easily accessible socket – its extremely dangerous to use an extension cord to charge an EV.

The best solution, favoured by most EV owners, is to install a faster charging wall box at home or outside your workplace.

EV Charger

Installation Process Frome

If you want to have an EV charge point professionally installed on your property you will need to arrange for us to survey the site. We will establish whether your current electrical circuitry is in a condition good enough to handle the installation of a charger, or will need upgrading.

We will also consult with you as to where it would be best to install the charger, and explain to you about the different chargers available on the market.

If you have a commercial property with a three-phase electrical supply (as opposed to single phase for a residential property) you can opt for a rapid charger.

If you accept our no-obligation quotation the installation process should take no more than a day, and we will inform the electricity board that you have had a charger installed.

All work has a 3-year warranty with a no quibble fix solution.

For extended support and free software upgrades and changes to your home automation system we other a support package that can be taken out on a monthly subscription standing order.








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