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=Solar power is a renewable energy source, available infinitely while the sun shines, and creating no harmful CO2 emissions.

NBG Digital Home is helping hundreds of happy commercial and residential property owners take advantage of this cost-saving source of electricity by installing PV solar panels in South West England.

Once installed solar panels need little maintenance and could last for up to 30 years with minimal reduction in their efficiency in generating power from the sun. If you add on a solar energy storage battery, you could just about live independently of the National Grid, saving money and helping to save the planet.

We’re leading installers of Solar panels in and around the towns of Frome BA11, Westbury BA13, Trowbridge BA14, Warminster BA12, Wells BA5, Radstock BA3, and the cities of Bath BA1, Bristol BS1.

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Solar Energy

Installations Frome

All you need to have enough solar PV (photovoltaic) panels to power an average home is about 20 square metres of roof space, which provides enough room for about 10 solar panels. Larger properties and commercial properties with high energy demands will need more – our experts will advise on the size of the system you need.

The solar PV panels consist of layers of semi-conducting material (usually silicon), which creates a flow of electricity when light shines on it. They produce electricity even on cloudy days. In strong sunlight each panel generates around 355W of energy which can be used to power your household appliances and electronics when an inverter is fitted with the system to turn the DC (direct current) generated by the panels into AC (alternating current).

Excess power can be stored in a special lithium-ion battery, or exported to the National Grid to benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payment for the energy you don’t use.

Green Heating for

Home or Workplace
Heat Pumps in Frome

We are also pleased to be playing a role helping property owners and the environment by replacing old gas-guzzling boilers with clean, green heat pumps, and installing these low-carbon heating systems in new builds.

Heat pumps extract warmth from the outside air, concentrate it, and transfer it indoors to provide heating and hot water. The units are similar to air-conditioners, and are installed outside the building, generating heat even when the temperature is down as low as -15C.

Heat pumps do still need to consume electricity to run, but the amount of power required is less than conventional central heating. When combined with good insulation and using renewable energy like solar power a heat pump can provide the optimal environmentally-friendly solution for heating a building.

We’re always happy to talk to you about the latest technology and options for powering your property as cheaply and cleanly as possible.

All work has a 3-year warranty with a no quibble fix solution.

For extended support and free software upgrades and changes to your home automation system we other a support package that can be taken out on a monthly subscription standing order.








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